Rules and Regulations

At SaiBalaji Public School, we strongly believe in creating smart, well-groomed and disciplined leaders for the future. In this endeavour, we teach our students various rules that need to be followed during school hours and at home, too. This instils a sense of boundary and also brings in a more responsible attitude towards life and schooling.

We also urge the parents to follow certain disciplinary guidelines at home so that the children are used to listening to the teachers and obeying the requests.

students should maintain their personal attire and grooming standards for a safe and healthy atmosphere in the school.

Every behaviour should be within the acceptable standards of social conduct, without disrupting the educational environment.

We also request our students and parents to follow the teachers’ guidelines. In case of any issue with disobeying rules or disrupting school property or causing harm to anyone in the premises, strict disciplinary action will be taken.