Founder Secretary’s Message

Classroom teaching can only offer an intellectual framework. But the new-age kids need to be taught how to go about learning and what ‘learning’ really is. By inculcating a love for learning at an early age, we can nurture leaders who will always be ready and happy to learn and boost their skills and knowledge, irrespective of their age or position in the industry.

At SaiBalaji Public School, we strive to create mindfulness to learn from every day and every experience in life so that continuous and experiential learning sets in the mind of every student. As a result, we hope to create ambitious, humble, and hard-working students who can and will change our world for the better. This school is an institute of my dream which will enable each child and parent to fulfil theirs.

I welcome you to the SBPS family and look forward to meeting you and your child as we explore the journey of learning together.

- Prof. (Mrs.) Nirupama M. Mundada