Eligibility and Criteria

The Right Age Makes all the Difference

SaiBalaji Public School offers a transparent and inclusive admission process for all our prospective students. We look forward to welcoming your child in our school and shaping their minds for a bright future. In this endeavour, we communicate all the admission policies to our parents at every step, and we welcome any questions that parents might have related to their little one’s admission in our school.

Currently, admissions are open for Nursery, LKG, UKG, and Grade 1 to Grade 6.

As per the CBSE notification, the child should have completed 3 years of age for admission in Nursery at SBPS.

For LKG, the age criteria is 4 years, for UKG it is 5 years.

For admission in Grade 1 to Grade 6, we require submission of the child’s performance records along with the school-leaving certificate.


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