Let’s Play, Learn, and Grow Together

Our methodology of teaching aims at the holistic development of a child, ultimately preparing for life’s many rich experiences from an early age. A child’s mind between birth and the age of six is referred to as absorbent mind, as children have an incredible ability to learn and assimilate from the world around, without conscious effort. Everything at SBPS has a specific purpose and use. For instance, our smart classrooms are busy and productive, spreading joy and respect at all times. The enriched environment flourishes freedom, responsibility, and social and intellectual development.

Our curriculum is designed to maintain a healthy balance between specific growth and individual freedom, academics and sports, fun and learning. The teachers set our specific goals for every day and children are led to take part in the activities.

At the core of our curriculum, we don’t focus on teaching but on developing a willingness to learn. Our holistic and dynamic academic system offers complete flexibility in terms of curriculum design. Multiple intelligence is often focused on through all our activities and projects in school. The comprehensive curriculum is a multi-directional process that incorporates the objective of holistic development at every stage.