Admission Policy

We have a simple admission process and policy in place for our dear students and parents. Please fill the online application form along with the fees, and we will notify you once your child is accepted/rejected during the admission process.

Upon acceptance, please pay the fees and complete the documentation process on time to avoid any clashes in the admission.

In case of rejection, please don’t feel disheartened. We try our best to offer admission to all students applying at SBPS. However, in the case of high demand, we have to select our maximum capacity only. You can always apply to the school next year and in case of any vacancies, we will surely connect with you.

Please note:

■ Admission to higher standards is possible only if any vacancies are available

■ In case of students arriving from different states, a duly signed transfer certificate is mandatory

■ The admission is only confirmed after all documents have been signed and submitted

■ The entire admission and academic policies are at the discretion of the school