Teachers Encourage Minds to Think, Hands to Create, and Hearts to Love

Our teachers are trained facilitators in the classroom, always ready to assist and direct, while stimulating your child’s enthusiasm for learning. Our team constantly guides our students without interfering with their natural desire to explore and become independent. We only employ the most passionate and compassionate teachers at SBPS, giving our students a 100% chance of success, happiness, and smiles. Our teachers come with rich experience in teaching young and curious minds and have excelled in the past with their track records.

For the best growth and performance of a student, it’s equally important to stay in touch with parents and keep track of the progress of a child in school and at home. Our teachers build a good rapport with parents and regularly communicate online and offline through various channels like communication books, meetings, interactions, and chats.

Our competent and progressive teachers also contribute and guide the students in their journey to explore the world outside and inside the school. They ingeniously design the program to inculcate creativity, collaboration and communication along with team building through workshops, projects, field trips, excursions, academic work, and more.

Every teacher and non-teaching staff member at SBPS promote an environment of warmth and caring for our dear students. We place emphasis on problem-solving skills, learning by asking various questions, being curious, creative, and always expressing openly.